What Is Cork Leather?

What is Cork Leather?

It all starts with a tree

Cork is a 100% natural, vegan material which is made from the bark of the cork oak.

The majority of cork comes from Mediterranean countries, especially from Portugal which established itself as a leader in the field.

It requires patience to produce cork.

After cork oak trees reach the age of 25, the bark is harvested for the first time. Afterwards, the process takes place every 9 years to give the trees time to recover.

Regular harvesting of cork is beneficial for the tree, prolonging its lifespan by to up to 300 years.

As the tree recovers, it extracts from polluted air 3-5 times more carbon dioxide than an unharvested tree.

Cork Meets Fashion

Most people associate cork only with fine wines. Yet, we shouldn’t underestimate this vegan material.

After the bark is removed from the trees, the thin layers of cork are adhered to a fabric support backing, most of the time by hand.

The end product – cork leather – is highly flexible and soft, while preserving a durability not found in many materials.

Cork leather comes in many variations when it comes to thickness and colours. This is another reason why we decided to work with it. As designers, we are excited about experimenting with all the options to make beautiful, minimalist items.

Why We Love Cork (and you should as well) 


Cork leather is made from the bark of oak trees. These trees are harvested every 9 years. This is the process which allows oaks to live for 300+ years.

Since the trees need to rebuild their bark, these oaks can remove 3-5 times more carbon dioxide from polluted air than the unharvested ones.

By using cork leather you are actually helping to clean the air.


Cork leather is like wood. Each piece is unique and stands out. No two pieces of cork will ever be the same. That way, your items are truly unique.

And wait till you first touch it. Cork has a special feel which could make you forget about animal leather forever.


Cork is highly versatile. It is waterproof, wear and tear resistant, and it burns slowly.

Not surprisingly NASA has used it in some of its rockets.

So if it can survive space travel, it shouldn’t have any problems in your pocket.


Thanks to its ethereal structure, cork leather is very light. Actually, it’s among the lightest natural materials available.

Despite this, cork has great durability, making our products hard wearing and functional.

Naturally Vegan

No animals are involved in the process of making our products. Cork is a 100% vegan and cruelty-free material.

Cork leather is the best alternative to animal leather precisely because it is so natural. There are no plastics in it.

Easy to Maintain

Our cork leather products could serve you for decades.

Cork leather is stain resistant and can be washed with just some soap and water.

See our suggestions about how you can take care of your items below.

How to clean cork leather items?

If you already love cork, wait till you hear the best news!

Cork leather is stain resistant and it is very easy to maintain.

It does not require any special care. However, we recommend you clean it occasionally. Just take a piece of wet cloth with a good quality soap, and wipe your items. Afterwards, let them dry.

Our Cork Leather Items

Now, that you know what an amazing material cork leather is, check out our limited edition new designs.

Welcome cork leather to your life!