Sustainable at heart

The future of our planet goes with us using better materials.

Ultra slim card holder made of cork leather by Blackwood
Fashion should be more respectful.

We believe that the items we use every day shouldn’t come at the expense of the environment and the people who make them.

That’s why we are pioneering a new way to approach fashion.

We design high-end accessories made of eco-friendly materials.

For our current collection, we’re using premium cork leather.

Our New Cork Leather Pouch Bag

We designed the pouch having busy people in mind.

Our pouch is the best way for you to keep your things organised:

– Useful to organise your bag;
– Ready to help you travel light with just the pouch in hand.

It’s also ultra resistant.

We designed it using two layers of our Blackwood premium cork leather. And worked with a Swiss engineering company to make the golden zippers.

Move around light, while always being stylish.

Vegan pouch bag blue
Personalised card holder - Blackwood

Make it special

Add your monogram to your pouch or card holder.

Make it yours—for life.

It also works to surprise people you love with a personalised gift that carries their initials.

Ultra Slim Cork Leather Card Holder

Ultra slim and lightweight, this card holder is made using the Blackwood premium cork leather.

This natural material is plant-based. And it’s super resistant.

A great gift for those you love.

Sustainable card holder made of cork leather

More accessories to come

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They talk about Blackwood

Designed to last

Cork leather card holder - Super durable - Blackwood

Our values

It’s about being practical.
It’s about being minimalist.
It’s about doing things that matter.
It’s about sharing and being grateful.
It’s about living the dream.

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