Our Story

We love trees. They are the lungs of the Earth.

They are also a great material the fashion industry has overlooked. The industry that has become the second most polluting after oil.

That’s why, Guerric de Ternay and Oskar Zieba decided in 2017 to use their combined 10 years of luxury fashion experience to design products that embody what they truly value:

  1. Sustainability
  2. Minimalism
  3. Practicality

The duo, Guerric being an innovation consultant and Oskar having a mechanical engineering background, used their untypical skillset to design fashion accessories that respect the environment and contribute to its renewal.

The journey to changing the fashion industry is a long one, and we are still at the beginning of it. Despite that, our innovative approach has already been recognised at the competitions in London and Monaco.

Oskar and Guerric

Our Mission

Wood leather material

Blackwood was launched with a simple goal. Mainly, to show the fashion industry that sustainability doesn’t require a compromise from the beautiful design.

How do we achieve that?

We only use natural materials. Even more, we plant a tree for every product we sell. We aim to make carbon neutral accessories.

When designing our collection, we utilise an engineering approach. We work closely with our customers to provide them with the products that they truly need and love.

As a result, we are able to contribute to the regeneration of our beloved environment in addition to satisfying the needs and desires of our customers.

Beautiful & Minimalist

Simple items, done well. We design high-quality products inspired by the Stoic philosophy.

Made From Nature

We only use natural and innovative leather alternatives, such as wood leather and cork leather.

Durable & Practical

Practicality is the driving force of our design process. We design items that our customers will love for years to come.

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Our Materials

Trees have been the cornerstone of humankind for generations. However, replaced by the new materials, the society forgot how amazing they are.

At Blackwood, we believe that trees can help us solve the environmental problems we are currently facing.

We use two materials that come straight from the forest:

  1. Cork Leather is a material made from a bark of cork oaks. We do not cut the tree. We just harvest the bark which grows back after 9 years absorbing up to 5 times more carbon dioxide than if the tree was not harvested.
  2. Wood Leather is an innovative material designed in Italy. It uses trees from sustainably managed forests. Moreover, it has a unique and memorable pattern that really stands out.

Using the materials coming from the forest not only grants our products the strength of a tree. It also ensures their unique look. As there are no two same trees, every single item we make has their own distinct pattern.

Coark oak trees in Portugal

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