Makers Of The Finest Accessories From Leather Alternatives

At Blackwood, we are passionate about innovative alternatives to leather. Knowing the environmental impact of animal leather and seeing the growing popularity of the plant-based lifestyle, we believe that innovative alternatives to leather are the future of the fashion industry.

Our mission at Blackwood is to accelerate this transition.

Cactus leather Card holder vegan

Blackwood Lab

We believe that collaboration and knowledge-sharing are the best ways to make a difference. That’s why, to accelerate the sustainable transition of the fashion industry, we launched Blackwood Lab.

With expertise in the vegan alternatives to animal leather and a growing portfolio of more than 300 references, we help established brands, influencers, and designers to launch vegan collections.

Blackwood Atelier

The label through which we launch our own premium accessories. By designing Blackwood Atelier products we explore new and innovative alternatives to leather. Often, we are one of the first brands to introduce newly developed materials.

Some of the materials we have designed with include cactus leather, cork leather, wood leather, and apple leather.

burgundy cork leather pouch with colourful dress
Blackwood Founders

The Founders

Two best friends, Oskar (the bald one) and Guerric, launched Blackwood in 2018. Guerric successfully running a fashion brand in France, and Oskar being a qualified Mechanical Engineer, decided to combine their untypical skillset. 

With the cumulative experience of more than 10 years in the luxury fashion industry, they set out on the mission to help the industry embrace leather alternatives and accelerate this transition.

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