Our Story

We love nature, countryside, and spending time outside.

We also admire fashion.

Unfortunately, the two words don’t go together well. The fashion industry has been a major factor in the environmental crisis.

That’s why, Oskar (the bald one) and Guerric decided in 2018 to launch Blackwood. The duo, Guerric running a successful fashion brand in France, and Oskar being a Mechanical Engineer, combine their untypical skillset to design the finest artisan accessories. Only using the most innovative sustainable materials.

With the cumulative experience of more than 10 years in the luxury fashion industry, the mission of the founders is to show the fashion industry that sustainability doesn’t require a compromise from the beautiful design.

Our innovative approach has been recognised at the competitions in London and Monaco.

Oskar and Guerric

The Materials

Cork Leather

card-holder-waterproof-cork-leather copy

Cork leather is a leather alternative made from a cork oak bark.

To make it, just the bark is harvested, which then grows back in 9 years. As it grows back, the tree absorbs more carbon dioxide than unharvested trees!

After harvesting and drying for 6 months, the bark is cut in thin pieces and attached to a backing.


As there are no two same trees in a forest, each piece of cork leather has its own unique pattern.


Cork leather is cruelty-free, being made from a tree bark.


Engineered with the strength of a tree, cork leather is scratch-resistant and easy to maintain.

Wood Leather

NUO Wood Leather is a new eco-friendly leather alternative that is very unique and sustainable.

It is made from wood coming from FSC certified forests. By using laser technology to cut the wood into small pieces attached to a backing, the material is as soft as leather.

It looks stunning, with each piece having its own wooden pattern.


As there are no two same trees in a forest, each piece of cork leather has its own unique pattern.


Using wood leather emits 60% less carbon dioxide than the same amount of animal leather.


Engineered with the strength of a tree, wood leather is made to last for years.

Wood leather material

Cactus Leather

Cactus Leather

Desserto cactus leather is a brand new material designed in 2019 in Mexico.

It is a very sustainable leather alternative that is made from cactus.

Our factory is just making the first collection from the material. If the Coronavirus pandemic doesn’t cause any delays, the collection should become available in May.

Blackwood will be the very first British fashion brand to launch cactus leather product.

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Our Own Material

Having a mechanical engineer as our co-founder, Blackwood’s goal was always to develop our own material. The ultimate leather alternative.

After 2 years of working with the existing materials and growing the brand, we have decided to take on the challenge.

Just before the COVID-19 pandemic happened, we were selected as finalists of a competition for sustainable innovation. Provided that the pandemic situation improves, in September we will be pitching for £75,000 worth of academic research.

Until then, we will be working on the first steps of the development.

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