Our Adventure

Blackwood in Three Simple Ideas

Unique, Everyday, and Minimalist Items

Simple items, done well. You’ll appreciate the quality and purity of our design.

Sustainable, Vegan, and Natural

This is why we chose to use cruelty-free cork leather for our first luxury collection.

Made in Europe

While fashion brands move their production to China, India, and Bangladesh to cut costs, our items are entirely European.

The Team

We are Oscar (the bald one) and Guerric. After spending a total of almost 10 years in luxury fashion, we decided to design products that embody what we truly value:

  1. Sustainability
  2. Minimalism
  3. Usefulness

These are the things that most fashion houses lack.

Our inspiration for minimalist design comes from the Stoic philosophy. We design everyday items and pay huge attention to the little details.

We are grateful for the opportunity to showcase soon our first premium collection with treats such as our favourite  Ultra Slim Card Holder

Our philosophy is simple:

Everyday items, beautifully made (and sustainable).

Guerric de Ternay

More about Blackwood

Cork is the New Leather

We use only cruelty-free cork leather, which is one of the best alternatives to animal leather. It is vegan, very durable, and every single piece of cork leather has its own unique pattern.

Unlike animal leather, which is often used in fashion, no animals are harmed in the process of making our items.

That’s why designers such as Christian Louboutin, Stella McCartney, and other legends have already experimented with it.

Did you know that NASA also used cork in some of its rockets? Learn more about cork here.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

We take our inspiration from the minimalist approach of the Stoic philosophy.

We believe that the simplest ideas are the most beautiful. That’s why, when designing the collection, we ask ourselves, “What could we remove?” instead of “What could we add?”.

We also pay attention to the little things. No detail is left out.