What Is Cactus Leather? Everything You Need To Know.

Creating a leather alternative that could replace animal leather has been a goal for research labs and companies all across the world.

Over centuries, leather has become a crucial part of our society. Thanks to its abundance and properties, it is a perfect material to be used in various fields, from fashion to automotive industry.

Unfortunately, leather is as unsustainable as useful…

With the growing environmental crisis and the shift of the population towards more plant-based lifestyle, finding a sustainable replacement for animal leather is crucial. Read more

How to Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle? (Ideas)

Now that you know what sustainability means for the fashion brands, it’s time for you to take a plunge and learn what YOU can, even TODAY, to live a more sustainable life.

1. Use eco washing powders

Washing detergents are far from ideal as it comes to ecology. They contain dangerous chemicals that not only poison the environment but could also cause cancers and birth defects.

It’s important to do your laundry less often.

2. Do less laundry

Sticking around the subject of laundry, scientists all over the world keep discovering on our shorelines thousands of fibres coming from our clothes. How did they end up there? Read more

The 15 Best Sustainable Fashion Blogs (selection 2019)

Among the many fashion blogs, which ones are truly supporting sustainability?

A few bloggers have decided to differentiate themselves by focusing only on ethical fashion and sustainable lifestyle.

They are doing a great job of spreading the message of sustainability and motivating others to make some positive changes in their lives.

In this article, you’ll find a selection of the best sustainable fashion blogs.

The Living The Green Blog Awards (2019)

We need to get better at respecting the environment.

And some bloggers have done an incredible job at encouraging more sustainable lifestyles. Read more

List of Best Ethical & Sustainable Fashion Brands (2019)

Imagine you could make a simple change in your shopping patterns to instantly adopt a more sustainable lifestyle and be a sustainable fashion customer.

Or even better.

You don’t need to wait until you go shopping next.

Sustainable fashion is not only about what you buy, but also what you do with the clothes that you already have.

This article is going to be your guide into the world of sustainable fashion. It includes steps you can take TODAY so you can live a sustainable lifestyle.

What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion aims to make fashion have a more positive social and environmental impact. Read more

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