Companies are currently under constant pressure to be more sustainable and transparent. With the environmental crisis looming over the society, businesses like yours have the power to lead the change.

Every little action matters.

Giving sustainable corporate gifts is one way to embrace Corporate Social Responsibility.

The logo of your company deserves only the finest products.

The image of your business is strong. Therefore, the gifts you give should embody what your brand stands for.

There are many reasons why to use sustainable corporate gifts. Here are some of the examples of how our clients have used our co-branded products:

Strengthening relationship with important clients and partners

Celebrating special occasions and making events more memorable

Welcoming new team members and recognising employees

And More...

Vegan Sustainable Passport Cover corporate gift
Vegan corporate gift card holder

Case Study: University College London

University College London is one of the best universities in the world. It is known for its high quality of research and global impact.

Furthermore, sustainability is very important for the renown institution.

We have provided the university with our cork leather card holders to be used as a gift during an important event. The items featured purple lining, which is the official colour of the university.

In addition, each product came in a canvas bag branded with the famous official logo. It also featured a little note explaining the story behind Blackwood and cork leather.

  • We can provide you either with a product from our offer, or we can design a new product that meets your requirements. For example, we have designed once for a client a cork leather menu cover. Just tell us what you need!
  • Co-branding or private label options available.
  • Production Time: 8 weeks for our catalogue products, and 12 weeks for the new designs.
  • A variety of colours, patterns, and sustainable materials available.
  • Discounts available depending on the order size.
  • Each product comes in a canvas bag co-branded with your logo.
  • We can add a note explaining more about the materials used, talking about Corporate Social Responsibility of your company, or any other personalised message you want.
  • We also offer personalisation of initials.
  • To discuss your needs, e-mail Liz at liz@goblackwood.co.uk or simply click below:
Vegan Cork Leather Card Holders

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