Cork Leather Compact Pouch Bag



The ideal pouch to keep your essentials when going out, travelling, or organising your bag or backpack.

It is designed to last for years. Equipped with Swiss-made zippers and two layers of the premium Blackwood cork leather, we made it very durable.

Stylish, this pouch will compliment most of your outfits (available in Deep Sea Blue and Majestic Burgundy).

A sustainable pouch not like any other.



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A Great Pouch to Keep Only What Matters

Super Flat

Designed to be slim, the pouch allows to carry what matters most.


Equipped with the highest quality Swiss-made zipper and two layers of our premium cork leather.


Perfect pouch for travelling, going out, and organising your essentials.


Made using cork leather, this pouch is the most sustainable option you can choose.

Pouch accessory design by Blackwood

The Best Travel Companion

Our pouch is the best way for you to be organised when travelling. You can forget about stressing at the airport, since all your essentials are safe in one place.

Put in your passport, boarding pass, phone, and foreign currencies. You can even squeeze in our Ultra Slim Card Holder.

Stylish travelling has never been more sustainable.

Light Way To Go Out

When you go out to the restaurant or an art exhibition, you want a light and practical way of keeping your stuff, such as your phone and wallet.

The Compact Pouch is a great way to do that, with style.

The pouch brings a stylish touch to your outfit. It makes it pop.

Between burgundy and deep sea blue, choose the colour that suits you best.

Always There For You

The Compact Pouch helps you organise your bag or backpack.

It’s designed to last. The pouch is scratch-resistant. It’ll survive the roughness of living inside your bag.

Cork leather is a very durable material. It’s waterproof and resists to scratches (even key scratches). This is why we used a two layers of cork–interior and exterior.

The final touch: A well-engineered zipper made by the Swiss designers of Riri.

The Top Features of the Pouch

  • Very light and slim
  • 100% cruelty-free and plant-based
  • Portuguese premium cork leather
  • Two layers of cork leather (interior and exterior)
  • Swiss-made Riri zipper
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Waxed edges and durable seams
  • Handmade in Poland
  • Dimensions: 26cm(width) x 17.6cm(height)

Made to last

“Being engineer myself I love challenging designs. Creating this pouch was one of them. I understand that our customers want a pouch that will serve them everyday for years to come.

That’s why we decided to line our pouch with another layer of cork leather. Not only does it look very stylish, it also adds extra protection for the accessories inside. Considering that the most exposed to damage is the zipper, we opted for the best in the world Riri zippers, made in Switzerland since 1936.”

~ Oskar

We have your back

“I love the simplicity of the pouch.

I’m a bit of a minimalist freak. I like when things are tidy. So use the compact pouch to organise my backpack.”


~ Guerric

Additional information

Pouch colour

Deep Sea Blue, Majestic Burgundy

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