How to Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle? (Ideas)

Now that you know what sustainability means for the fashion brands, it’s time for you to take a plunge and learn what YOU can, even TODAY, to live a more sustainable life.

1. Use eco washing powders

Washing detergents are far from ideal as it comes to ecology. They contain dangerous chemicals that not only poison the environment but could also cause cancers and birth defects.

pollution of doing laundry

It’s important to do your laundry less often.

2. Do less laundry

Sticking around the subject of laundry, scientists all over the world keep discovering on our shorelines thousands of fibres coming from our clothes. How did they end up there?

The research by Plymouth University found that 6kg of laundry could release an estimated 137,951 fibres from polyester-cotton blend fabric, 496,030 fibres from polyester and 728,789 from acrylic.

3. Go through your wardrobe

Often we don’t realise how many clothes we have. Clothes that some people might need while we don’t wear them. Therefore, check your wardrobe to identify clothes you haven’t worn for a year. Then swap them with your friends or online, sell, or give to charity.

4. Repair broken clothes

Although our society promotes buying new instead of repairing what’s faulty, resist the temptation and try to repair your broken garment.

sustainable fashion advert by Patagonia

A famous add campaign by Patagonia encouraging customers to think before purchasing

5. Think twice before making a purchase

How often do you make an impulsive choice when in a store or browsing e-commerce websites? Hence, next time when you face the decision of buying something, ask yourself if you really need it.

identifying sustainable fashion - Butterfly mark

Look for third-party certification. 

6. Choose the right brand to buy from

You have to remember that by purchasing from a particular brand, you are making a statement. Therefore, before making the purchase, research the fashion brand you are considering buying from. Make sure its values align with yours. One way to find ethical brands is by looking for The Butterfly Mark.

Wood leather material

Our wood leather card holder is one of the most sustainable options you can choose.

7. Choose the right material

When you face a decision of going for synthetic or organic materials, always go for the latter. Remember that it’s not only better for the environment, but also for your own skin and health. Try to make sure the materials have some sort of certification or a Fair Trade label.

Cork leather is a great natural vegan leather. It also comes in many colours

8. Natural vegan alternatives

As we have explained in our article about vegan leather, the alternatives are often very bad for the environment.. Therefore, if you are looking for animal leather alternatives, try to choose natural materials, such as pineapple or cork leather.

local shoemaker working - sustainable fashion

There might be plenty of local talented artist in your area you haven’t discovered yet.

9. Choose local brands

By buying the locally made products, not only do you save the environment from the pollution caused by the shipping industry, but you also support your local economy and the growth of your region. That’s why all our products are made in Europe from the European materials.

10. Choose the cause your money supports

Many fashion brands appeal to the sustainable customers by donating part of their profits towards a certain cause. It can be planting trees(We do that!), building schools in developing countries, or fighting human trafficking. There are endless causes that various brands support. We are positive you will find a fashion brand helping the cause that is close to your heart.

Remember, nobody is asking you to take all the steps at the same time. Even if you choose one thing from the list above to start with, you will do something good for the society. Then, if you find yourself enjoying being a sustainable person, you might want to move on and do more.

The most important thing though is to make the first step!


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