Straight From the Forest

Sustainable accessories made from natural materials

Ultra slim card holder made of cork leather by Blackwood

We love trees. They are the lungs of the Earth.

Our ambition is to contribute to regenerating our planet. We aim to design carbon-neutral accessories using natural materials made from trees.

Every time you get an item, we plant one tree.

Let’s rebuild our forests.

Materials engineered with the strength of trees

Materials made from trees are very sustainable.

  • Cork leather comes from the bark of oaks. We don’t cut the trees, we just harvest the bark, which grows back naturally.
  • Wood leather comes from responsibly managed forest of walnut trees.

Even better? These materials are also ultra resistant–just like trees.

Vegan pouch bag blue
Sustainable card holder made of cork leather

Ultra Slim Cork Leather Card Holder

Ultra slim and lightweight, this card holder is made using the Blackwood premium cork leather.

This natural material is plant-based. And it’s super resistant.

A great gift for those you love.

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burgundy cork leather pouch with colourful dress

Designed to last

Cork leather card holder - Super durable - Blackwood

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